Reading Logs

Instead of television, video games or social media, students are encouraged to grab a good book and start reading for higher academic achievement. The WonderPrep Reading log tool is used by thousands of parents, teachers
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School Fundraisers (No Fees)

100% Free! Want to raise money for the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), Classroom Supplies, Class Trips, Class Projects, Special Events, Special Visitors, Classroom Technology, Teacher Supp
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School Fact Finder

Get latest financial data on Public schools. Get the latest statistics on your favorite private and public schools.
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WonderPrep's Education Tools and Applications

Our tools and applications allow Students, Teachers and Parents to connect for increased productivity and a quality education

Reading Logs

WonderPrep's Reading Log Application

School Fundraisers

(No Fee) School Fundraisers

School Fact Finder

Financial data on public schools

Instructional Videos & Tutorials

Teacher-created and Curriculum-aligned Video Tutorials

Teaching Documents

Lesson plans, worksheets, and more

School Petitions

Care for a Cause? Want to support a great teacher? Want a healthy school lunch? Want to advocate for less homework? How about education policy, education reform and change? Student rights? School safety? Why not Write a petition in support of your cause and get the community to support the issues you care about?

Events & Workshops

Open House, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) events, Book Fairs, Training Programs, Exhibitions, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

Education News

Latest News and Views on Education


Resumes / Job postings: get the job that matches your experience

Fun Contests

Free and fun contests and giveaways for Student and Teachers